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SANT JOAN 2016 at Hostal Mare Nostrum in #Barcelona

Sant Joan

The festival of Sant Joan is celebrated on June 23rd and it is one of the shortest nights of the year because of its proximity to the summer solstice, also it is considered as a magical night: legend says that fantastic creatures come out with more intensity that night than any other, where the fire, firecrackers and bonfires are all over.

The tradition for the “Verbena de Sant Joan” is eating coca (a typical pastry/cake), throwing firecrackers all night long and approaching one of the many fires that are made in the Spanish cities, preferably on their beaches. Formerly, the cakes for this party (called “Coca”) were round with a hole in the middle, which could be related to some kind of ancient ritual.

In Barcelona, each district develops its own festival but the most widespread option is to celebrate lately at the beaches to watch the sun rise and welcome the Summer. The bars of the beaches will be open all night long until the morning comes.


The „Flame of Canigó“ will take place at 6:30 pm in Parlament de Catalunya, and it will be featured by the Àliga of Barcelona and the city “Giants”.

Nearest festivals and bonfires:

The best place to celebrate the night of San Juan is the Barceloneta quarter, next to the beach of Barcelona.

We recommend the Barceloneta “correfoc”, which passes through the main streets of la Barceloneta; the most important points are “La Plaça de la Barceloneta” or “El passeig marítim”

We wish you a great and very funny Sant Joan’s night!

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