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World Environment Day At Hostal Mare Nostrum

World Environment Day at Hostal Mare Nostrum

World Environment Day

Each World Environment Day is organized around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for 2019, “Beat Air Pollution,” is a call to action call to combat this global crisis.

A Tree of Life for World Environment Day

At Hostal Mare Nostrum, we create a “Tree of Life” which we invite guests and staff members to send a message of 140 characters on any idea or measure that if we as hoteliers put into practice, would make life on the planet was more sustainable.

There is no planet B, let’s make a plan B

We can firmly affirm that the most creative proposals that are within our reach will be carried out.

You can follow this campaign through our Instagram @hmarenostrum. We will publish the results on June 12th.

The main goal is progressively eliminate our individual contribution to global warming and raise awareness about its effects on our health and for the planet.

Understanding the different types of pollution, and how it affects our health and environment will help us take steps towards improving the air around us. Often you can’t even see it, but air pollution is everywhere. We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about the quality of our air. Nine out of ten people worldwide are exposed to levels of air pollutants that exceed safe levels set by the World Health Organization.

We hope that you enjoyed this handmade wooden keychain, small gift that probably will remember you every day the importance of commitment to the environment.

Thank you very much for your participation!


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