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The photo contest #CuriousBCNpics by @HotelCurious has just started!


Hotel Curious invites you to participate again in the photo contest #CuriousBCNpics. For the first edition, we had more than 400 photos. Last year we had more than 700! This year we also expect your participation!

The prizes:

FIRST PRIZE: The first prize is a camera Instax 210 Fujifilm.

FIRST FIVE WINNERS: a customized shirt with the photos to the 5 participants who had more likes on Facebook. So cool!

What should I do to particpate?

1) From 15th December 2014, take a curious picture of Barcelona (or look for it on your camera roll!) and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #CuriousBCNpics.

2) To have your photo into contest, you must follow the Instagram account of Hotel Curious.

3) The 10 pictures that we most like (the ones showing the most curious side of Barcelona) will be uploaded into the Hotel Curious Facebook’s Fan Page next 16th February 2015 as FINALISTS, within the album "III # CuriousBCNpics".

4) On April 7 2015 at noon, the pictures with more 'likes' on Facebook, will win the prizes above. Tell your friends to 'LIKE' your photos and share them with all their friends!


We wish you all the luck in the world!


You can see HERE all the pictures of the contest uploaded up to now. We are waiting for yours!!!




– The contest will be open to participants over 18 years old, of any nationality and country of residence.

– You must include hashtag #curiousbcnpics to participate and each participant may submit as many photos as he/she wishes from 15th November 2014 on.

– Hashtag #curiousbcnpics must be written by the participant at the moment of uploading the pic on Instagram . If it was written by other Instagrammers, thepic will be unvalid for the contest.

– All participants must follow the Hotel Curious' Instagram account.

– Only ONE pic of each participant will be picked for the final contest.

– The winner is the owner of the pic that at the end of the competition has received more "likes" on Facebook next April 7 2015 at noon. This will be posted on the blog in the official website of Hotel Curious next April 7 2015.

– In case of tie, the time of the contest will be extended to one more week, waiting for new votes to reshape the outcome. The extension of the time of the contest will be exclusively for the tied photographs.

– The first prize for the major winner is a camera Instax 210 Fujifilm.

– The winner of the camera, as well as the 5 winners of the shirts, shall provide Hotel Curious with the address where to receive the prize. The prize can take up to 1 month to arrive to the provided address.

– The results of the competition, which ultimately will be published by the staff of Hotel Curious, is irrevocable. The winner is the winner! 🙂

– Participation in this competition implies acceptance and fulfilling of these rules.



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